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Demonstration of  BestPlan 
 DosBox/DosBox-X Floppy imagefile with Documentation.

Just Boot the file with DsBox or DosBox-X: 
DosBox -noconsole -nolog -noautoexec -c "boot BP-DosBox.ima"
Floppy ImageFile
: BP-DosBox.ima
Documentation    : BestPlan.pdf

DosBox/DosBox-X  supports a wide range of operating systems including: Windows - DOSBox can be installed on Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP. macOS - DOSBox can be installed on macOS X, and macOS. Linux - DOSBox can be installed on various distributions of Linux such as Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, and Arch Linux.
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  Demo  w/ highlited languages

Note: Translations were done via Bing Translator
and may be inaccurate and funny.
A facility is supplied to
allow corrections. Read: ChineseOption.pdf

Ansi Western Version
   Dutch  French  Portuguese
   Spanish  German  Italian
  w/ English as default

Unicode(utf-8) Version
  Japanese  Korean  Chinese
  Russian  Arabic  Persian
  w/ English as default

  Also available:
  Danish  Swedish  Norwegian
  Romanian  Polish  Hungarian
  Finnish  Turkish  Slovak
  Czech  Greek  Hebrew
  Hindi  Ukrainian  Thai
  Slovenian  Lithuanian
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WhatsOP versions Ansi Western & Unicode
Documentation:   WhatsOp.pdf (3.5MB)

This student training release contains examples per documentation, which is included.  Please  create a backup ZIP file of the DEMO directory prior to usage. This could be used as backup of all DEMO data when necessary.

What can you do?

Run and optimize the supplied DEMO data, you could specify new limits, prices, volumes, etc. You could modify the "what if" scenarios, add more scenarios, and create report templates to analyze the scenarios.

You can increase the size of the solution databases, limited only to a maximum of 800 records. You can add scenarios up to 5 max. i.e. S01-S05. You can re-initialize the databases to increase the size, and do a restore from the supplied database *.dmp files, or your own created backup dumpfile.  More sample problems, see below.

NOTE: Reports are presented via Notepad++, where "userdefinelang" option is used to highlight contents of 
WhatsOp files. Reports may be HTML files. Kompozer is integrated with the system to accomplish creation of report templates and displaying them. For configuration control, please download demo at this site.

Note:  Please ignore the request for msvcr70.dll  while running WhatsOP setups.  Windows 7&8: "run as administrator".



Pricing and Support (not applicable)
SeeanaSystems is not setup for end-users.
WhatsOp is being marketed through math professors/teachers as a supplementary review reference material for their math courses. With them, working as a distributor, we are willing to split the revenue as sold to their student and end-users. Math professors are encouraged to create their own application examples, which are used in their classes. These will then replace the supplied examples, which becomes the value-add to the product.

It is our experience that a math professor is in a better position to support the "linear optimization", analysis and interpretation aspect. The concept of mathematical modeling is not an exact science, and data collection, analysis, and solution interpretation are the most important part.

We intend to make this modeling package as simple as possible. There are no intentions to increase the capability by supporting quadratic equations, stairstep functions, semi-continuous and integer variables. There are better packages out there to do that job. Therefore, the modeling solution may not be exact, but will give the student a relatively good best option in his linear optimization question.

The package is also available in 30 languages.  If the math professor/teacher intends to use WhatsOp in the other language, the package needs adjustment in the translation. We need to work with the math professor  or teacher in adjusting the terminologies to best suit the way this subject is taught in the language. 

Online Context-Sensitive Help Facility


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Report Template

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