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PlanData File

The MASTER PLAN is given the filename
               nnnn = PLAN NO.(1-9999)

SCENARIO NO. or (what-ifs) analysis will also be assigned a number 1-25. Scenario 01 is assigned to the master plan, scenario 02-25 are assigned to any corresponding analysis to be made relative to this plan. S01 means MASTER PLAN, the baseline for any "what-ifs" analysis done through the creation of SCENARIO Update files.

The SCENARIO updates are given the filenames
              nnnn = PLAN NO.(1-9999)
                   ss = SCENARIO NO.(2-25)

The problem is transcribed into a set of linear equations using either one of two methods suggested or a combination of both methods. (see. Modeling Methods). A PLAN NO. is assigned to this problem model.
The model may be entered using:

1. RECIPE LIKE, Resource and Material Utilization Method.
2. Mathematical Formulation or Equations
3. or combinations of the above



Report Templates and Reports

The REPORT templates could be given any filenames, and created by the integrated Notepad++.
         Filename.tpl for the standard template.
         Filename.htm if it is an HTML file.
Also PnnnnS01.dta if the input MASTER PLAN datafile  is  used as the report template for small programs.

Report00.tpl is a special report template which can be automatically created and displayed after the optimization.

REPORT is a program, which supports a specially tailored fill-in-the-blanks (template technique) report writing. It is specially suited for this system where data information is not organized or structured into a hierarchical network. REPORT will tie together all data, which are separately stored in separate records in the solution database.

This strategy allows the template to be a standard text file or even an HTML document with tables, images, links, etc. The special fields are then replaced with the optimization solutions prior to display using a browser.

Online Context-Sensitive Help Facility


Report Template   Report00.tpl
Report Template

Report Generated