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The Seeana WEB Portal Brought to you by Brandon, Ana and Tony Magpayo 
Brandon "Deco"

Fluent in Spanish, Portuguese and English, Brandon wants to pursue a career in business entrepreneurship.  He was CEO & Founder of his college startup company called Yomp.  He was also passionate about playing soccer and had played with an NCAA D1 soccer, the UC San Barbara Men's soccer team.

 Brandon, the YOMP CEO & Entrepreneur


UCSB soccer



Fluent in French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and English, Ana is a true polygot, and is working for an airline company, (Nice to have those free trips) and is from Viana do Castelo, Portugal.



 Tony Linkedin

Ana Facebook


Tony is a computer nerd all his life and currently has his own hypothesis on Universe-Reality&Consciousness. Tony started as a systems engineer at IBM, and now considers himself a computer systems architect in industrial operation research. In 1983, he developed a mathematical modelling system on a PC (DOS before Windows) called BestPlan, now called WhatsOPtimal for MSWindows. Featured as a Math Resource by Siam. siam