Brandon Monteiro Magpayo

Soccer Player      Birthday:  April 16, 1997


Scholastic Profile

Class of 2015  Carlmont High School,   Belmont , CA.

       At the moment, I plan to take 4 out of 5 possible AP classes in my junior year, hoping to get accepted to a UC College or maybe a better college outside California. Personally, I would like to stay in California for college, but I wouldn't mind leaving the state to play for a division 1 college team. I am mostly open to highly academic or above average schools, and would prefer not to attend a lower academic college. I also hope to get a scholarship when applying for my future college, due to my father being retired and not getting the best of pay checks. In college, I hope to study economics or marketing, but I am still undecided in what official major I want to pursue in. I plan to improve my 4.2 GPA, as well as continue playing soccer 4 days a week in order to play division 1 level soccer in college.

       As an athlete, my goals are to use my decision making skills to help run my team's attack. I like to be a smart, offensive-minded player on the pitch, trying to create opportunities for not just myself, but for my teammates. It would definitely be a dream come true if I were to play D1 soccer in college with an athletic scholarship.



School Achievements:

Class of 2015


High School:         Carlmont High School

Enrollment:            2161 students 

Junior Year:   GPA:  4.2

Languages:  Portuguese, Spanish and English


Academic Awards: Honor Roll, All Honors Classes, 4.2 GPA

Extracurricular:     Math Contest Contestant


Desired Major:      (these will surely change in the next 3 years) Business Statistics, Business Management, Marketing Management, Economics and/or Statistics.

Other Sports:


Basketball : A-Team

Year(s):   Middle School

Award/Accomplishment:  Team Captain, ADAL All-Star Game Starting Point Guard, 3rd Top Scorer in ADAL League.