Brandon Monteiro Magpayo

Soccer Player      Birthday:  April 16, 1997

Befica Award

Soccer Club:  Juventus SC, now @DeAnza Academy in Northern California

Soccer  Profile

Age: 18   Juventus SC, US Soccer Dev. Academy (DeAnza)


My name is Brandon Monteiro Magpayo, and I am a soccer player. As of July 2014, I was weighed at 155 pounds and measured 5 feet 10 inches. Currently, I play for De Anza Force U17/U18 Academy as a Full Time Player all year around. During my Freshman and Sophomore year, I played on the Carlmont High School Varsity soccer team for the Winter High School Season, leading my school to back-back PAL League Titles in my 2 years there. On Juventus Forza, I was a key part in the midfield as our team once ranked 3rd in the nation on We competed in numerous tournaments throughout the year, including Surf Cup San Diego, NHB Cup, and the 2012 & 2013 Dallas Cup. 

In July 2013, I was invited to attend a trial for SL Benfica professional academy in Lisbon, Portugal. As a Portuguese descendent, I took this opportunity as a chance to play for the number 1 academy in all of Portugal. I was very successful in my trial for Benfica and was called back to return during the Winter of 2013. This experience motivated me to train even harder, as I hope to return in the near future.



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Physical Stats:

Height:    5'10"    Weight:       155

Jersey #:  DeAnza Force U16 #42, U18 #20   

Main Position: Center MidFielder

Other Position: Defensive Midfielder, Wing and Fullback

Best Asset:  As a play-maker in midfield,  known for having the most assists on the team.

High School Soccer Season 2012-2013

Goals:    18    Assists:  9    Games Played:  28 High School Conference:  Peninsula Athletic Division:    Varsity 1A

Individual Recognition: 2012 All-Conference 1st Team, 2012 MVP.  Top Player in the SLBenfica Elite Training & Tryout in Lisboa, Portugal  2013.

Team Recognition:  2012 Conference Champs


Soccer Achievements:

Top Player in SLBenfica Elite Training & Tryout in Lisboa, Portugal 2013.
Clubs:  Juventus SC,  DeAnza US Soccer Development Academy. 

Team Recognition: 3rd- GotSoccer National Rank, 2010 Regional Cup- Champions, 2010 National Cup- Champions, 2011 SC Sporting Invitational- Champions, 2012 Dallas Cup quarter finalist.

 Major Tournaments: 2009 NHB Tournament LA, 2009 Cerritos Memorial Tournament LA, 2009 California State Cup,  2009 Santa Clara Sporting Invitational, 2010 Regional Cup, 2010 National Cup, 2011 SC Sporting Invitational, 2011 Surf Cup, 2012 Dallas Cup, 2012 Surf College Cup.